Disclosure and discrimination

Disclosure of mental health needs at work:
The issue of disclosing your mental health needs, problems, or past history to an employer is a complex one. The fears people have of 'disclosing' a mental health problem are real and include the possible impact on promotion or getting the job at all, being stigmatised or bullied, or being dismissed on grounds of incapability.
On the other hand your workplace may be supportive and it may be against your beliefs, or just too stressful, not to be open.
We think the following links to Disability Rights UK and Mind may be useful to consider the options:

A clear and easy guide for students suggesting ways to explain your disablity to others

Disability discrimination was first dealt with directly by the Disability Discrimination Act (1995). This was subject to a number of amendments – which in 2010 formed the new Equality Bill. The significance of this for people who use mental health services or suffer from mental ill health is summarised on the Mind website, and here is a link:

Legal rights relating to discrimination

Led and supported by employers, the MINDFUL EMPLOYER® initiative is aimed at increasing awareness of mental health at work and providing support for businesses in recruiting and retaining staff. Here’s a link to the website: