TBG Learning

A wide range of courses at a range of levels, including IT courses at all levels, work based learning including security, customer service/ retail.

TBG Learning South Lambeth, Cranmer House, 39, Brixton Road, SW9 6DZ
Tel: 0207 840 9999
Website: http://www.tbglearning.com/our-centres/lambeth.html

Myrrh Education and Training

Myrrh Education and Training is a registered charity founded in 1993. Its mission is to provide training for those who have found it hard to find training elsewhere or who would benefit from training.
They have three centres:

Brixton Centre
Brass Tacks Training Building, 298-300 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1HT
Tel: 0208 671 6327
Email: k.ward@myrrh.ac.uk

Peckham Centre
Kevin Keohane Building, 52 Ossory Road, London SE1 5AN
Tel: 0207 394 3225
Email: m.bobotova@myrrh.ac.uk

Walworth Centre
1 Flint Street, London, SE17 1QD
Tel: 0207 252 7015
Email: s.tubbs@myrrh.ac.uk
General Email: info@myrrh.ac.uk
Website: www.myrrh.ac.uk

Croydon Adult Learning and Training (CALAT)

A wide range of courses, at centres in Croydon, New Addington, Smitham, South Norwood and Thornton Heath

General information and enrolment line: 0870 556 1630
Website: www.calat.ac.uk

Southwark Adult Learning

Courses at different locations in Southwark

Tel: 020 7358 2100
Email: adult.education@southwark.gov.uk
Web link: www.southwark.gov.uk/info/100009/leisure_and_culture/1001/adult_learning_courses/1

Lewisham College incorporating Southwark College

Courses at centres in Waterloo, Camberwell and Bermondsey & lewisham For course information enquires:

Tel: 020 7815 1600
Email:  info@lewisham.ac.uk
website: http://www.lewisham.ac.uk